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“Things that were kind of maybe aching or hurting before, I don’t have have those pains or aches now. I have a lot more tingling and sensation in the areas where I didn’t have before. A lot more movement in my hand. So it has helped me tremendously.”


“I can tell a big difference in my stamina and my strength. We live in an apartment and I have to bring my groceries upstairs and I can tell a difference in my lifting and not being short of breath going up the stairs. My strength is up about 96% in the 6 months I’ve been coming.”


“It feels good. When I come in here, I come prepared to go shopping or go to the grocery store or whatever. I just get on the machine and do what I have to do, and then go about my business when I leave. It’s real easy and real nice. I don’t mind it, and in fact I look forward to it.”


“I went to a gym when I was in my 20′s, and you get hot and get sweaty. You’d spend an hour at the gym. And I feel like I got a lot better results here than I did when I was at a gym when I was in my 20′s.”



“I have progressed 107% since I started. And in my first week, I progressed 35% after the first lesson. So it’s been really really good. It’s fun. I’m very competitive so I like to see the number go up.”


“OsteoStrong is definitely making the changes. I have pulled back from a lot of things because I wanted to make absolutely sure that this is what was helping. So OsteoStrong is the one that is definitely helping the pain. It’s taking away the pain in my back. It’s helping me overall with my joints. I’ve had knee and ankle issues from years of sports. So I feel like a different person.”



“I needed to do something for the Osteoporosis in my back, and I heard about OsteoStrong so I came here.”


“I do have Osteoporosis so I’ve been concerned about taking the medication for osteoporosis. So I wanted to see an alternative.”


“The results I have received from doing OsteoStrong have been amazing. I have had 141% increase in my strength which is unbelievable.”


Joint and Back Pain

“If there was no OsteoStrong, then I would still be in pain, and I wouldn’t know any better. I would think that I would just have to live in pain, and it wouldn’t be good, it really wouldn’t. OsteoStrong has changed my life.”


“I used to go to the gym and just got out of the habit and couldn’t get it started back, but I’ve been very faithful in doing this every week. So it’s been a lot easier for me to maintain my exercise by doing OsteoStrong.”


“I had fibromyalgia, and things were very difficult before even to get in and out of a car.”



“I swear I feel 5 years younger than I did when I started.”


“What’s good about going to OsteoStrong is that you can come in your clothes that you’re going somewhere else to meet someone and in a very short period of time be out the door and have accomplished what you came to accomplish which was to strengthen your bones and muscles too.”


“I am soon going to be doing ziplining for the first time in my life. I’m going on a family trip. And this is something I never would have considered if I had not done OsteoStrong and gained all the strength that I have. So I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be something exciting and fun and something I never could have done before.”

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